Global GPT Challenge

Create custom GPT demo to win scholarship/$!

Open to teenagers (13-18 years old)

(Deadline: March 25, 2024)

  • Create your custom GPT on any platform
  • Optional: Publish GPT on OpenAI or other platforms
  • Submit 2-minute video pitch which includes demo and outlines:
    • - What your GPT solves for
    • - Who your customers are
    • - Who your competitors are (direct and indirect)
    • - How it will make money and/or offer social impact


1. Will a certificate of participation be given? Can I list this on my resume?
Yes, from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Yes.

2. Does it cost anything to participate?

3. What if I can't afford to access GPT/bot building tools? 
We recommend you collaborate with someone who has an account and access to either OpenAI, Microsoft CoPilot Studio, Poe (Quora) or Zapier. In addition, there are several no cost platforms available as well that you may use.
*We are awaiting limited free access to OpenAI tools; registration is required and you will be notified via email when ready.

4. What are the prizes for winners? 
Yes, partial scholarships to FDU will be awarded to the top winners. In addition, there will be cash prizes for New Jersey winners.

5. When will students be notified if they are winners? 
In March or April.

6. Does it matter where I live?
No. This is a global program open to teens worldwide.

7. How do I submit video? Is there anything else required?  
Submit video using upload button above. In addition, a written transcript of your presentation must be uploaded.

8. What language is required?  
While English is preferred, you can present in your own language. However, the transcript of your presentation must be in English to be considered and judged.

9. Must my face be shown in video presentation?
While it is preferred to show your face, it is not required.